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The Brief

Bank of America and Merrill Lynch merged in 2011 to become one of the world’s biggest corporate and investment banks. With a heritage dating back over 200 years, they understand the need for innovative solutions to maximise their business advantage. In 2014 it became clear that their global datacentre support programme, modelled after US requirements, didn’t fulfil their needs across EMEA. Particularly their key UK sites in London, Camberley and Chester, which required 24x7 engineer support, rather than the existing 7am-7pm model. They needed a partner they could trust to develop and deliver a new kind of support contract. One that could support their EMEA properties as well as their people.

We helped Bank of America Merrill Lynch define – and transition to – a new kind of support network for UK datacentres

The Solution

A new era

Redstone have been providers to both Bank of America and Merrill Lynch for many years prior to their 2011 merger, from cabling to telephony and managed services. As a result, we were already on the radar as an effective, highly-skilled partner. Following a comprehensive tender process, they selected us to redefine their UK support contract, growing the partnership even further.

After winning the contract, we had to transition existing staff into new roles, building new teams and ensuring full compliance with TUPE regulations. This began with a full skills evaluation for all current staff.

To ensure that the client had skilled, confident personnel available for Redstone’s new solutions for the new service delivery, we established and carried out an extensive training programme to both retrain and retain. This ensured that our new support vision could be carried out as effectively as possible, whilst also providing the workforce with valuable new skills.

Our support focus is to always exceed expectations by eradicating problems for our client with solutions that make the most of existing people and processes.


A prosperous future

When the client opened their newest data centre in Welwyn Garden City, the ICT and support infrastructure was easily replicated from the existing sites. Not only has the support program been a success for data centre managers, budget holders, and upskilled engineers, it has created a template for our future growth as partners.