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Leading Construction Company Case Study
Finding An Affordable Communication Solution to Support Remote Teams
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The Brief

Erik runs a specialized construction company focused on the high-end luxury market. His 26 contractors work all over the world, including London and Monaco where the firm is managing large and lucrative new projects. Since many of the subject matter experts at headquarters support multiple projects, it is important that the small team be able to communicate and collaborate freely, just as if they were in the same office. Erik’s concrete expert, for example, is based at the firm’s headquarters in the U.S., but advises colleagues working on projects around the globe. Erik tried adding local phone lines at each of the project sites, but long distance costs for lengthy calls to discuss project details were prohibitive. He wanted a solution that would make it both easy and affordable to stay in touch.

The Solution

Erik found what he needed in a cloud-based enterprise communications solution recommended by a fellow business owner in his community. Instead of phone lines, team members now use the Internet to make and receive calls, just as they would over a phone line. New touch screen phones simply plug into any computer port and can be moved from project to project at the end of a job — protecting Erik’s investment.

A flexible software licensing model allows team members to use a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone as an office extension if they prefer — a particular convenience when making early morning or late-day calls from home to accommodate differences in time zones.

If your firm needs “always on” phone service, explore the many benefits that cloud-based communication services can deliver. You will never be out of touch with your customers.

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