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XL Catlin
A cost-effective approach integrating access control, surveillance, intruder detection and OneCard services
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The Brief

XL Catlin is a global insurance and reinsurance company providing property, casualty and specialty products to industrial, commercial and professional firms, insurance companies and other enterprises worldwide. RedstoneCOnnect first began working with the company in the UK in 2011, since when the scope of activities has expanded globally. In 2015 Catlin was acquired by US-based XL Group and now, as XL Catlin, has approximately 7000 employees and around 60 offices worldwide.

Since 2011, RedstoneConnect has been a trusted security partner. Several years on, our business has evolved and expanded, but the relationship is still going strong. Whatever we need, the RedstoneConnect team is proactive, professional and continually delivers the quality and technical expertise we can rely on to protect our business and add value to our operations worldwide.

The Solution

The challenge

When XL Catlin moved to new London UK headquarters in 2011, it saw an opportunity to improve operational efficiency across its facilities, both in the UK and its growing global network. At the time, most of its international offices operated on disparate, stand-alone systems. The driving force was to streamline management of access control, security, surveillance and card-based employee services. To leverage the value of an existing IP network, the company wanted to unify security operations across multiple sites worldwide.

The first challenge was to deliver a futureproof, integrated solution enabling employees to securely access their usual workplace and move seamlessly between different locations. The solution had to be scalable, to accommodate new offices as the group grew and enable the addition of new services onto a single card. Along with delivery of access control and a OneCard solution, XL Catlin also appointed RedstoneConnect to deliver and manage CCTV surveillance across its estates. 


The solution

Building on Redstone’s expertise in integrating smart security and building management systems (BMS), the Redstone team delivered a cost-effective approach integrating access control, surveillance, intruder detection and OneCard services onto the IP network and connecting it to the BMS system.

After being proven at the London HQ, the innovative model has been progressively rolled out internationally, while protecting investments in local legacy systems. To bring each international branch on board, Redstone works with trusted local partners to ensure all implementation is executed in line with our best practice standards. Key global sites now operate the same model, including EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Canada, including Kuala Lumpar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney and Zurich.

With core systems running over the IP network, operations at multiple offices worldwide can be managed direct from London, creating numerous long-term benefits:

  • General door access in principal offices is dynamically controlled, so security levels can be managed and modified, for easy management of employee and visitor access
  • Improved security with automatic control of cameras to monitor events such as out-of-hours access, forced entry or alarms
  • Optimised use of lights, power and heating to rooms or entire floors, only when required.

Access cards are issued from the UK, with administration of card rights and services managed locally, giving in-country teams full control over card ownership and privileges, within overarching corporate guidelines. The scope of the OneCard solution gives local teams the flexibility to grant employees card-based access to a range of different services, tailored to suit local requirements. Over the years, RedstoneConnect have continued to develop and enhance the OneCard solution. Card-controlled services available include cashless vending; access to intelligent lockers; pull-printing of documents from anywhere in the world; and access to refreshments in meeting rooms.   


The results

The integrated smart security approach has stood the test of time, proving to be reliable, scalable and futureproof. The RedstoneConnect solution ensures that XL Catlin’s core business operations, property and assets are secure, that its people can move smoothly and seamlessly across its estates and it can run core facilities management operations more cost effectively. At the same time, employees benefit from a more seamless working experience, with the smarter workspaces, cashless OneCard convenience and a growing range of value-added services, all within a safe, secure environment.

Utilising the existing IP network helped reduce capital costs, while automating core processes and providing OneCard access to buildings has reduced operating costs by cutting administration, increasing efficiency, improving the utilisation of space and reducing energy consumption.

When Catlin became part of XL Group in 2015, forming a much larger global company, RedstoneConnect’s role expanded accordingly. Our team continue to offer XL Catlin a one-stop shop for its access control, surveillance, building management and systems maintenance in key territories.